Sponsors are an essential + welcome component to any Sporting activity Worldwide. The Boat Yard is no exception. We've been humbled by the generous support from so many to help us support the community and to get your brand in front of people from many sporting activities. Here is our little tribute and thanks for the past, present and, hopefully, future co-operation together.

Specific thanks to the Sponsors to the 2022 VCA International Sixes Competition.





The Boat Yard also

Supports + Sponsors

the community

Sponsorship Opportunities

To continue enhancing our services at The Boat Yard for the community,

we are always maintaining + upgrading our facilities.

Without penalizing our users too much, we always look to sponsors' support.


We are also looking for National Sponsors for our National Cricket Federation (VCF) and Players

The VCF is the body which has applied for membership to ICC


If you would like to discuss ways to assist, please contact Jeremy on 0913-408-146


There are always opportunities to simply add your logo on a 1.5m x 1.5m banner around the ground. Just 5m vnd

The Field of Dreams

Jeremy  -  jeremy@divevietnam.com

WhatsApp/Zalo 0913-408-146


Thuong - vsdm39@gmail.com

WhatsApp/Zalo  0922-613-994


Ms Chau

WhatsApp/Zalo  0938-924-699 


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